He loves to tell stories, so he’s writing a first novel called “Death in the Soul”, which has received very good reviews.

Passionate from an early age about sound and image, Roland has directed commercials, video clips and many short films. One of them, “Cramps”, won the audience award at the Manchester Fantastic Festival.


In parallel, he co-wrote two television series, “Chess Kids” and “Damon”, for the American market, directed two new films, RIP and Jack, and also offered screenplays for cinema and television.


















A little jewel,

A real crush!


Rouge Polar

An innovative and confusing story,

an incredible end!


Evasions Littéraires

In order to add a string to his bow, combining writing and artistic direction for Polygone Games he participated in the production of two video games, “Medal Quest” and “Waves of Death”.

RIP avec M. Duret, A. Coesens et P. Nahon

In early January 2021, he wrote and directed “De brume et de sang”, a thriller with Marie Le Cam, Laurent Maurel and Laetitia Rosier.

He has won more than 20 awards at festivals around the world, including best film, best director and best screenplay.


Currently, he's working on the adaptation of the novel "Quantum" for the American market as well as on the production of his first feature film entitled "Reborn", a film written in collaboration with Pierre Pampini.



Fictional production


Scriptwriting, dialogues, bibles, concepts


Video game design, production and artistic direction

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